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Our selection of surgical sutures is sourced from around the world.  Each type of suture is carefully selected to ensure the highest standards of quality.  Some of the factors we take into consideration are tensile strength, knot strength, handling and tissue reactivity.

Our range of surgical sutures includes both absorbable and non-absorbable sutures.  They are designed specifically for disciplines such as Dermatology, Orthopaedic, Cardiovascular and Ophthalmology.

We are also the exclusive distributor for the Biomed range of surgical sutures which is manufactured in Europe.

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Our sutures are divided into two main groups – absorbable sutures and non-absorbable sutures.  These sutures are then classified by their form and diameter.  Some are monofilaments that consist of only one thread-like structure.  Others consist of several filaments braided or twisted together.

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