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Farmactive PU Foam Non Adhesive Dressing (Box Of 10 Pcs)


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Farmactive PU foam is a sterile polyurethane foam dressing with non-adhesive edges.

  • Moderately or heavily exuding wounds
  • skin lesions such as pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, skin graft sites and post-operative surgical wounds. The polyurethane foam dressing maintains a moist microenvironment for optimal wound healing. The dressing absorbs excess exudate and holds it without letting it spread laterally, with the risk of macerating the surrounding skin. The exudate, thanks to the high permeability of the polyurethane foam, evaporates, allowing the dressing to absorb it again. The properties of impermeability to liquids and bacteria in the upper membrane isolate the wound environment from external contamination. The dressing is soft and conformable to provide maximum comfort to the patient.